Our Story

Meet Dylan and Christian, the Founders of Good Sunday. 



After cutting their teeth in the world of craft cider, childhood friends and millennial-founders Dylan Corson and Christian Karayannides spent a year looking for a drink that fit their lifestyle. Something they could enjoy on a Saturday — or any day — and wake up Sunday morning feeling good. So the duo set out to achieve the holy trinity for sessionable drinks: low alcohol, low sugar and great taste.

After months of research and formulations, Good Sunday was born: a premium gin soda that is low in alcohol (3.0% alc.), low in calories and low in sugar— and tastes great! Not to mention, proudly made in Ontario!

Ensuring that everything they create lives up to the standards that they have set for themselves, Dylan and Christian created their Founder’s Seal.


Marking the year of their birth and the year they launched Good Sunday, the seal is their daily reminder to keep their standards high. Life is full of adventure and challenges, finding the perfect gin soda shouldn’t be.


Good Sunday. Beautifully Simple.