Our Story

Meet Dylan and Christian, the Founders of Good Sunday. 



Childhood friends, Dylan and Christian have more dirt on each other than they care to wager. With dirt has also come some amazing adventures. On one of their adventures they sat bar side and were disappointed in the cocktail placed in front of them. A simple gin and soda should not be difficult to make and yet from where they sat at that moment it clearly was. With the objective of ensuring they could enjoy a consistent premium gin cocktail every time, they created Good Sunday. Using only local batch gin, a squeeze of real fruit juice and fresh carbonated water, Good Sunday is not only 3% alcohol, but is also low in calories, sugar and proudly Made in Canada.


Ensuring that everything they create lives up to the standards that they have set for themselves, Christian and Dylan created their Founder’s Seal.


Marking the year of their birth and the year they launched Good Sunday, the seal is their daily reminder to keep their standards high. Life is full of adventure and challenges, finding the perfect gin soda shouldn’t be.


Good Sunday. Beautifully Simple.